Thursday, January 13, 2011

the suppa-mario returns and how !!!

hey ppl... so its updatin time. We're immensly apologetic in telling you that nothing much gossip-worth happened between people..... ;) ...though we have a bigger and a more khatarnaak news to share-aurora website is up! and like always we have something new to offer to you guys.and this time we have decided to bring up your memories from the nintendo times...yes MARIO is back!! and this time save your princess (pun unintented.)
by checking out  and feel the nostalgia grip ya.(and if one percent u r not the nostalgaic types...and our emotional attyachar isnt able to get ya,u are bound to fall in love with the plethora of event information on display.we bet our i-cards on this!!!) .the website is a applauseworthy effort from our web designing team who have again produced a gem and have another weapon to rock any web designing contest.. ;)
and as i can sniff the excitement building up.....i gotta feeling every night's gonna be a good night....remain addicted to us.!!seeya again.soon.
the blogger is a freelance,jobless writer who writes for anything and everything. :P

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